Human Enhancements- Why all this will happen in your life time

Our First Priority is Our Mortality
In the future, the full range of human enhancements will be used by you, and by most of the people you know. The secret to how that will come about is through the first wave of enhancements we will call life protection enhancements. These life protection enhancements cover a wide range of protections that stop us from dying. Other enhancements will elevate or evolve humans in different ways, but the first priority we have to address in our evolution is our mortality.

Acceptance of Ageing, Frailty, and Death
Some how or other, evolution has given us the strong sense of self preservation. Can you feel it? I would hazard a guess, that as a general rule, the older you are, the stronger the desire becomes, for the public to invest in solutions for the metabolic disease, called aging. We have not acknowledged aging, as a curable disease, because we did not know the molecular and cellular causes of it, or how to cure it. So we accepted aging as the best working plan that evolution, or the Designer, has manifested. Remember, for generations all of the experts in medicine thought like that, which just gave credence to our limited view of aging. For hundreds of years our leaders lived and spoke only of palliative care for aging, which conditioned all societies to accept aging, frailty, and death.

We Finally Know What to Fix
Fortunately technology has given us the ability to study metabolism on the molecular and cellular level. This allows us to tackle the problems of the disease called ageing. People and institutions all over the world are starting to heed the call for action, to stop and reverse ageing. In a very short amount of time successful animal rejuvenation experiments has allowed us to get to the level of human trials. But lets not be to hasty in our early successes because even if one treatment does pan out, we need to fix all seven of the problems, for us to extend our lives significantly.

Ageing is Only a Disease
Please bear with me, as I continually qualify aging as a disease (from seven metabolic complications). Being in the medical field, I see many professionals that are oblivious to the technologies that exist today and ignorant of the work and progress that has been going on in the last few years to cure aging. So if the professionals in the field are ignorant about bioengineering, and what the seven problems that create aging are, and all the work currently being done to cure aging, then the layman needs this information even more. Maybe it is time to put the medical professional's feet to the fire, and question them aggressively about their understanding on each of the seven metabolic problems that cause aging and what we can do to live for hundreds of years. Do you think it is out of line to ask medical and political professionals,“Why have you not raised awareness, and placed the majority of the research finances, into curing aging, frailty, and death? Since we know aging kills more people then all the other diseases combined, and frailty is the number one cause, of our medical financial debt (personally and nationally). How can you be so inept, when it is our mortality at stake?

Differentiating the Old Approach from the New
On a happier note these series of enhancements will start manifesting within the next fifteen years. Many longevity enhancements are on the market already. Unfortunately they are watered down solutions to the molecular problems our metabolism piles on us. The difference between medicines approach in the past and the new approach, is that past approaches slowed down the metabolic process or problem to minimize damage (adding a few years of life), and the new engineering approach tries to repair and reverse the damage, taking the cells back to their youthful state with periodic rejuvenation treatments which will add decades of life by:

1) removing a plaque called lipofuscion that congests and disables the recycling plants in our cells (lysosomes).
2) removing amyloid plaque that coats our brain which causes Alzheimer's disease.
3) removing cross-linked proteins that coat our cell giving us harding of the arteries, vision problems and kidney disorders.

4) removing nonworking (senescent) cells which cauce joint diseases

5) replaceing lost cells to rejuvenate the tissues of our organs

6) stopping cancer cells

7) maintaining hundreds of mitochondria in each cell of our body, so they do not die as time goes on. Mitochondria produce the energy our cells run on

Many new fields are used to address this ageing problem such as genetics, stem cells, bioremediation, vaccinations, rejuvenation therapy, pharmacogenomics (personal medicine based on your genetic code), and internal diagnostic tools are the mainstays that will start us on the road to having lives that last hundreds of years while maintaining a youthful body from our cells up.

Better Band-aids
Other life protection enhancements will help us during injury such as tissue and organ farms, transplants, limb regeneration, cybernetic limbs, bionic senses, assorted implants, and good hospital food.

Better Brains
Still other life protection enhancements will correct damage and fatalities caused by our slow, limited and inefficient information processor known as our brain. These technologies include nootropics (smart drugs), personal education programs, neuroscience, artificial intelligence (AI), avatars (computer simulated representation), virtual reality worlds, computer brain interfaces (CBI), and uploading (recorded life experiences in a data base for future use in a bio/nano/robot/virtual body),.
The last life protection enhancements category is composed of external utilitarian technologies that protect us from our environment. While this category is not attached to our body it does enhance our life by protecting us. Technologies such as environmental remediation, computer directed transportation, weapons defense systems, and energy alternatives, you get it.

The first step in our self directed evolution
The biological sciences and medical fields are coming together with some computer science and engineering skills to help us in this first step of our self directed evolution. These tools will take humanity, from biological beings that lived for decades and were haphazardly guided, by an evolution that has taken millennia and centuries, into beings that live for centuries and millennia that create our own evolution within decades to years.

Human enhancements