Human Enhancements are What the World Needs Now

Human enhancements are the active elements that drive this epoch in the evolutionary process. This website is here to show you the best and most efficient ways to accomplish our destiny. We will give you the info on the labs, companies, universities, inventors, engineers, scientists, and lab rats (both human and animal) that make these great enhancements happen. It is hoped that by disseminating this practical information, interest and support will develop so that in our lifetime:

  • Many lives will be saved.
  • Aging will be stopped.
  • Our individual, along with our collective, intelligence will multiply many times.
  • Our bodies will attain inhuman speed, strength and endurance.
  • We will attain new senses and abilities.
  • More often the perception of “evil” will be seen as just ignorance or failure.
  • Information from cells to silicon and vice versa will transmit smoothly.
  • We will adapt to natural living in water and in space.
  • Our communities will respond in real-time to problems.
  • Organic and inorganic materials will be used interchangeably.
  • Hunger, poverty, real-estate, war, environmental and economic concerns will be solved.

We Give You the FUTURE

Find out how, and when, in our lifetime, reversing ageing, cybernetics, multiplying your intelligence, adding new senses, stopping hunger and poverty, computer brain interfacing, uploading, terra-forming, and nanotech synthesizers to create most products in your home will all occur.

Undo your thinking and become stunned, amazed, and dumbfounded at what realizations have recently been discussed in the hallowed halls of Congress, universities throughout the world and major corporations. Undo your memories of those antiquated quasi futuristic movies with those fear mongering warnings of future technologies and an inept, lethargic society. Undo the conditioning that makes you feel comfortable with accepting frailty, death and limited intelligence. Undo your old fashioned feelings that force us to continue with this polluted, diseased and poverty stricken world.

Transform your world view. Dream, imagine, and visualize with what you learn here and the connected resources. Your vision is what the world needs, to benefit all humanity. Transform your plans for the future with a much more positive outcome by connecting with the people and organizations here.

Uncover the people, companies, labs, science and technology that are making our future today. Uncover the resources to learn about the technologies on this site and around the world. How to personally get involved and ways to help out your specific interests. Uncover a whole new way to look at life, and to plan for your life, and the life of your loved ones.

Reveal your new found knowledge, desires, and dreams to those you know. We will have data and information that you can use to help you get your ideas across. Reveal your interests, ideas and questions to the community right here on Human Enhancements.

Execute your plans, or the plans of others that inspire you.

Human enhancements